Project Director

Dr Roger Doonan
University of Sheffield

Dr Doonan has a keen research interest in the production and consumption of metals in the Aegean and more generally Europe. He has a dedicated interest in pedagogy and has led previous teaching and learning projects. He is particularly keen to develop further innovations in the teaching of science-based subjects through their integration with more traditional approaches to material culture.


Project Manager

Please use this email address to contact the project directly.







Consortium Partners


Prof Lin Foxhall
University of Leicester

Prof Foxhall has a particular interest in gender in classical antiquity, as well as agriculture and the ancient economy. She is particularly keen to explore the interface between material culture studies and ancient literature and how this can be realized in the context of teaching.


Dr Kate Giles
University of York

Dr Giles is a lecturer in the Department of Archaeology and York Minster Archaeological Research Fellow. She directs the MA in Buildings Archaeology and is interested in historical archaeology, especially the built environment and the wider inter-disciplinary relationship between the disciplines of archaeology and history. Until recently she has been the Humanities Academic Associate for the University's Forum for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching.




Steering Group Members

Mr Jim Devine
Hunterian Museum, the University, Glasgow

Jim is Head of Multimedia at the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, and Honorary Lecturer in Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. He combines his interests in cultural heritage with the potential of new technology to present e-learning opportunities. He is currently in his second elected term on the Board of Directors of the Museum Computer Network.


Dr Stuart Jeffrey
Archaeology Data Service, University of York

Dr Jeffrey is responsible for promoting the ADS and usage of its online catalogue and digital resources amongst user communities. He is the first point of contact for user queries and provides a helpdesk facility for users. He is responsible for maintaining this web site, and oversees delivery of collections.

Dr Graham McElearney
University of Sheffield

Graham is a producer in the Learning Development and Media Unit at Sheffield. He provides advice on the use of Learning Technologies, and works with academic staff to develop new and innovative learning resources for use at Sheffield.

Dr Ivan Moore
Educational consultant

Ivan is an independent educational consultant. His experience includes 12 years as a lecturer in Engineering at the University of Ulster, and 5 years senior management as Director of Learning and Teaching at 2 universities. Ivan has been involved in several FDTL projects, both as a director and as an external consultant. His current consultancy includes 3 CETLs (Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) and the Engineering Subject Centre as well as 3 international universities. Ivan’s current interests are in Enquiry Based Learning, evaluation, assessment and fostering innovation.


Prof Christopher Rowe
University of Durham

Professor Rowe is head of the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Durham and is Subject Director for Classics at the Higher Education Academy.



Dr Anthony Sinclair
University of Liverpool

Dr Sinclair's research focuses on the archaeology of the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods and archaeological theory. He is Subject Director for Archaeology at the Higher Education Academy.